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4 Tips for Google Bookmark

4 Tips for Google Bookmark. If you use Chrome here are some ways to use the Bookmarking feature.
4 Tips for Google Bookmark

My primary method of saving websites for later is to bookmark them in Google Chrome. A Google bookmark gives you fast access to sites you want to revisit. Here are some tips for how to organize and use Google Bookmark features:

1. Show Bookmark Bar

The menu in Google Chrome has a “Bookmarks” menu. You may not see the Bookmarks bar. Use the View menu “Always show Bookmarks Bar.” Use the keyboard shortcut “Control Shift B” to hide and show the Google Bookmark bar.

2. Shorten the Title

By default, the bookmark will be the title of the website page. This is often very long. Even if it is not very long, it is longer than it needs to be for your Google Bookmark name. First, click on the star in the Omnibox (address bar). Second, notice that the “Name” is editable. If possible delete the entire name. The favicon icon is probably enough for you to identify the bookmark. Otherwise try to get it down to as few of characters as possible to save space on the Bookmark Bar.

Rename the bookmark title on the Google Bookmark

3. Make Folders

When creating a Google Bookmark you will see the option for “Folder.” I try to organize my Bookmarks so I can find more room on my Bookmark Bar.

4. Move Bookmarks by Dragging

You can literally click on bookmarks and drag them around on the Google Bookmark Bar to reorganize them.

5. Bookmark All Tabs

If you are researching a topic and have a lot of good resources open in multiple tabs, then use the Bookmarks menu in Chrome to “Bookmark all tabs.” This will create a folder for you to organize the sites into.

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