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How to Create Slides from Google Docs

How to Create Slides from Google Docs is pretty fun and easy! Check out these options to outline your presentation first in Docs and then send to Google Slides.

How to Create Slides from Google Docs

Before creating a Google Slides™ presentation you might first start with outlining your presentation in a Google Doc™. The problem with this is, that it is tedious to copy and paste your text into the Slides. I have created 2 Add-ons that can help you do this. Doc to Slides by Alice Keeler and Document Outline by Alice Keeler. These are free and collect no user data. No PII.

The text from the Google Doc will become a Google Slides. How to Create Slides from Google Docs

Enter Text into a Google Doc

Doc to Slides takes the text from your Google Doc and sends it to Google Slides. Use the ENTER key in your Google Doc. Each time you press ENTER you create a new paragraph. Each paragraph goes to it’s own slide.

Add-ons Menu

After adding your text to the Google Doc™, go to the Add-ons menu and “Show Sidebar.”

How to Create Slides from Google Docs can be done by using the Add-ons menu in Docs and choosing Doc to Slides by Alice Keeler. Select Show sidebar.

Multiple Options

The sidebar offers multiple options. Click on “Create Google Slides” to quick an easy create a new Google Slides™ with the text from the Google Doc.

If you already have a Google Slides, paste the link into the box in the sidebar.

Document Headings

You can organize your Google Doc by using headings. The default is “Normal text.” Use headings to outline your presentation. Using the Add-on Document Outline by Alice Keeler the headings will become a new slide and the normal text will be placed in the speaker notes. Use the Add-on menu to send to Google Slides™. A much faster way to create your Google Slides.

Google Doc with headings 1 selected and normal text under the headings.
Quiz Helper is a Free Add on
Install the FREE Add-on Quiz Helper by Alice Keeler. Collects NO user data.

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