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How to Split Screen on Your Phone

Yesterday I clicked on a link from Twitter to watch a YouTube live. Except now I am trapped watching the YouTube Live. I want to tweet some of the awesome things being shared, but I would have to leave the YouTube app and miss part of the presentation. I know that my phone CAN split screen but I have literally never tried.

Android Vs. iOS

You can split screen on an iPhone. I do not use an iPhone. I have a Pixel 6. So I will start with how to do it on the Android phone and then explain how to do it on iOS. Many Android phones will work the same as my Pixel 6 but not necessarily all of them. Samsung phones have their own way of doing things for example.

Pixel and other Android Phones

I recommend you start by going to the 2 apps you want to split screen so they are your 2 most recent apps. Swiping up from the bottom of the phone will allow you to enter into the apps chooser. Each of your recent apps is shown as a thumbnail that you can swipe through. Above each thumbnail is the logo of the app.

Tap on the app logo.

It is a hidden easter egg, there are options hiding under the logo. Tapping on the logo gives you the option to “Split screen.” Note that not all apps, for example TikTok, allow you to split the screen.

Choosing “Split screen” will shrink up the app to half the screen and allow you to choose a 2nd app from the app chooser. These are apps you have recently opened not all of your apps. For this reason, you want to open the 2 apps first before trying to split-screen.

There is a black bar between the two apps. You can move this up and down to change the split from being 50-50. Move the black bar all the way down to completely crowd out the 2nd app to go back to single app view.


No matter your device, I recommend that the 2 most recent apps you have used are the ones you want to split-screen. Split screen on an iPhone is similar to my Pixel. Open an app on your iPhone. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to see the toolbar of pinned and recently opened apps. Drag the app towards the middle of the screen. Place it by releasing your finger from the screen.


Samsung is similar to the Pixel. You want to open the view that allows you to see recently opened apps. This is an on screen button in the lower left. Tap the app icon above the thumbnail. Unlike Pixel it will not clearly say “Split screen.” Instead, there are 2 rectangles stacked on top of each other. Tap on this icon to select the split screen.

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