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Alice Keeler

Non educational games

Non educational games

I was playing cut the rope after trying to figure out is solitaire cash legit on my iPhone and was thinking how this and games like it could be used to help students learn by discovery learning.  This particular level requires that I shoot a plunger at a swinging piece of candy.  I need to figure out at what point the candy is farthest away from the plunger so that I get the maximum length of string attached to the candy.  I then cut the top rope and if there is enough rope from the new piece of string it will swing down at hit all 3 stars.  I then have to judge when to cut that bottom string as it is swinging so that it will drop into the frog’s mouth.

There are several math/physics lessons to be learned from this.

It also took me several attempts to figure out how to solve the puzzle.  I was able to get the candy in the frogs mouth with zero or one star no problem, however it took me awhile to figure out how to get all 3 stars.  I had to learn from my mistakes and there was no penalty for trying again and again.

This is the kind of experience I want my students to have.  A fun learning environment that encourages them to explore and learn from their mistakes.  That the risk of failure be low so that they are willing to explore and figure things out. That they would be motivated to achieve higher levels even when they have already done enough to pass.






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