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Alice Keeler

Gradecam + iPhone

Gradecam + iPhone

Just saw on Twitter that www.gradecam.com is going to be releasing an iPhone app.  I’ve been a long long time user of gradecam.  I can not say how much I love this program. I use my gradecam camera with the gradecam software to check in homework (saves me TONS of time) and I use my gradecam camera with www.illuminateed.com for collecting data for tests. Hands down one of my favorite tech tools.  Being able to check in student work from my iPhone will be amazing, I am predicting that I become even MORE efficient at handling paperwork so I can do what I really want to do…. TEACH!

Thank you @alicekeeler #ISTE11 has been a huge success. We’ve announced the iPhone app that will grade tests by sept.



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