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Roster Extras Add-on by Alice Keeler

Do more with your roster! Roster Extras is a free Add-on takes your roster in Google Sheets and converts to Google Slides or Custom Google Docs reports.
Roster Extras Add-on by Alice Keeler
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We all have a roster of students now what can we do with that list of students? My new Add-on Roster Extras sponsored by Schoolytics. This Add-on for Google Sheets collects no user data and no PII. Use with any Google Sheets spreadsheet. Turn your roster into a Google Slides or create custom Google Docs reports per student.

Export Roster from Schoolytics

Spreadsheet With Your Roster

What you need is a spreadsheet with your student roster in column B. This will work with any Google Sheets spreadsheet, however you can use your free teacher account at Schoolytics to export your roster to Google Sheets.

Extensions Menu

The Add-on can be located in any Google Sheets by going to the Extensions menu. If you have already installed Roster Extras by Schoolytics you will be able to find it and show the sidebar.

Extensions menu in Google Sheets. Locate Roster Extras by Schoolytics

Format Sheet

The first step when you have a spreadsheet is to freeze the first row. While this is relatively simple in a Google Sheets spreadsheet, if you know how, why not automate it! Show the sidebar for “Roster Extras by Schoolytics” and select “Format Sheet.” This will freeze the first row and freeze the first 2 columns.

Roster to Slides

This is a very popular feature! Taking your roster and assigning a slide to each student in the same Google Slides is Roster to Slides. (A favorite of Jennifer Scott, the creator of Slides Yearbook.)

If your roster is in column B and click on “Create Slides” in the sidebar, a new Google Slides will be created. A slide per student will be added. The students name will be automatically added to the slide.

Notice in this example that each slide has the students name in the bottom left hand corner. I have changed the background of slides, using Canva, to make them prettier.

Randomize Student List

Call on students randomly with Roster Extras! Click the buttons in the sidebar to randomize the roster. Virtual popsicle sticks!! Choose to sort randomly, sort alphabetically, or if you have used the checkboxes after calling on students select “Randomize Checked Roster.”

Randomize student list buttons. Randomize roster. Sort alpha. Randomize Checked Roster

Send to Docs

I think this feature is very exciting. The Send to Docs feature in Roster Extras allows you to create custom reports per student.

Add your own columns.

In the blank columns, starting with column D, create your own column headers. What information do you want to track about each student? Perhaps attendance, student behavior, mastery of learning objectives, parent contacts… whatever you want!

Send To docs menu in the sidebar. Attendance columns added for each student.

Custom Reports

Click on “Create Docs” in the sidebar to create a Google Doc per student. If email addresses are in column C the doc is automatically shared with the student. Students have view access of their document. Links to the newly created documents are in the spreadsheet. The links are live hyperlinks.

Google Document created for Lupe Levenson. Contains her name. The column header and the data about her that was on the spreadsheet.

The documents are created in Google Drive. They are not created in a folder. Manually organize the newly created documents in your Google Drive.

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