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Google Jamboard: Bring It UP

Jamboard by Google is a free digital whiteboard that is of course collaborative. A key element of Google Jamboard is the ability to add sticky notes to share ideas. However, layers in Jamboard will hide content. Knowing how to alternate what order elements on the Jam are in provides a better Jamboard experience.

Draggable Shapes

In an Open Middle template I created the numbers 1 to 9 are added as draggable shapes onto the Jam canvas.

Draggable numbers 1 to 9 in a Google Jamboard template

Adding an Image

On websites with images that I want to use with students I will right click on the image and “Save Image As” or “Copy Image.”

Open Middle website right click to choose Save Image As

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Adding Images to a Jam

Use the middle icon on the toolbar, under the sticky notes, to add images to Google Jamboard.

You can NOT drag images onto Jamboard.

Control V to paste

If you used “Copy Image” when you right clicked you can simply Control V paste onto the Jamboard.


Every time you add something to Google Jamboard it layers on top of the other elements. Note that pen strokes are ALWAYS on top. Using a template with draggable elements will mean that when you drag those elements they will show up BEHIND the picture you just added.

Control Shift Up/Down Arrow

You can click on elements in Jamboard to access a 3 dots more options menu in the upper right hand corner. Select “Order” to send an object to the front or back.

3 dots menu on the jamboard elemetns

Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut Control Shift Up Arrow or Control Shift Down Arrow. Using Google Jamboard, this keyboard shortcut is an essential technique!

However, while I know I need to use Control Shift Up Arrow or Control Shift Down Arrow…. I oftentimes forget. For this reason I teach the students this helpful keyboard shortcut!

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