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Use Google Forms and Slides for Clickers

Tracy Clement 8:59 AM The thing I implemented this week is “clicker” type formative questions in google slides using GForm. I have a multiple choice question in my class slides. Students answer the question in the form. The next slide is a linked chart from the response GSheet that is updated with their answers, and they can discuss from there. Bonus – I can turn on and off accepting responses. Downside – it’s harder to do for multiples of the same class of the same class. Gotta think about if I just want to clear answers and the sheet each time, or have a new form and sheet for each class…

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  1. Alice,
    I attended your sessions on Gameification in Austin at the TCEA conference and I loved it! I do have a question about Google Slides. Can you tell me if there is a way to lock down a text box in Google Slides so that the kids can’t move it around or delete it?

    Thank you,

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