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Google Classroom: Use Someone Else’s Template

Use Other Teachers Templates

Attach Other Teacher’s Templates in Google Classroom

This job is too hard to go it alone. As Harry Wong said… “Steal Steal Steal.” Many teachers create activities in Google Docs that you can just grab and go! If you want to customize the template you will need to create a copy of the Google Doc. Now you own it. Rename the document title and star it. It can be easily attached into Google Classroom.

Create a Template

If you have a Google Doc that you want to share with others, first make sure the document is set “Anyone with the link can view.” Modify the URL of the document to end in /copy instead of /edit. You may want to use a URL shortener like tinyurl.com to help distribute the template URL more easily.


Keeler Templates: alicekeeler.com/scripts/templates and alicekeeler.com/scripts

Pinto Templates: christinepinto.com/templates


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