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Google Forms Email Notifications

Email Notifications in Google Forms

Google Forms Email Notifications If you are using a Google Form that you expect infrequent submissions on, you may want an email notification when someone fills out your Form. Create This is just a fun tip. If you put /create at the end of forms.google.com it quickly creates a Google Form for you. forms.google.com/create Responses […]

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Google Forms: Choose a Random Winner

Google Forms: Choose a Random Winner Choose a random winner from those who fill out your Google Form. Use this Add-on I coded in Google Apps Script to automatically select a winner, create a spreadsheet listing the winner and 19 runner ups and receive an email with the winner and links to the Form and spreadsheet. […]

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5 Steps to Sharing a Copy of a Google Form

Link to Google Drawing 5 Steps to Sharing a Copy of a Google Form Sharing Google Forms is tricky. You do not want to make your data you collect in your Google Form visible to others. You can not get a view only link from the Form directly and changing your Google Form to allow […]

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Insert a Bitmoji Into Your Google Form

bitmoji in google forms

When using digital tools try to put yourself into them to help students feel there is a teacher guiding them through the lesson. Bitmoji’s are great for adding “you” along with some personality into digital resources. Google Forms are awesome for flipped learning, formative assessment, checks for understanding, and so much more. Bitmoji AND Google […]

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Self Reflection Reading Goals @JSerravallo

reading self reflection tool

Self Reflection Reading Goals @JSerravallo I saw this tweet about Jennifer Serravallo’s Reading Goals Self Reflection form from her book. My first thought is of course that this would be better as a Google Form. My biggest beef with PDF’s is they do not collect data. Switching to a Google Form allows the teacher to […]

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Google Forms: Review Individual Student Answers

google forms view individual responses

Google Forms: Review Individual Student Answers When students submit information to a Google Form, the data is collected in the Form. If you create a spreadsheet, a COPY of the responses are sent to the spreadsheet. Individual responses can be reviewed in the Google Form. Response Tab When editing a Form there are 2 tabs. […]

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Share a Copy of A Google Form


Share a Copy of a Google Form To share a copy of Google Docs, Sheets, Slides or Drawings is pretty easy. If the person has view access to the file they can simply use the File menu to “Make a copy.” Alternatively, editing the URL of a Google Doc from /edit to /copy and sharing […]

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Google Sheets: Find Unique Entries

Google Sheets pick a winner

Find Unique Entries in Google Sheets When the 2nd Google Classroom book that Libbi Miller and I wrote came out, we put out a Google Form to win a copy of the book. Before choosing a winner I needed to exclude duplicate entries. Here is how to do this. Sample Data CLICK HERE for some […]

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Google Forms: Turn On Quiz Features

google forms quizzes

Google Forms Quizzes Google has realized that there are many of us who are using their survey tool for formative assessment quizzes. They have now added features that allow you to treat your Form as a quiz, set an answer key on multiple choice questions, and have it automatically graded. Google Forms and multiple choice […]

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Together… Let’s Make a Google Form

Collaborate on Google Forms

Collaborating on a Google Form Google Forms is awesome, but be warned there is NO revision history. If you have multiple collaborators on a Google Form and someone deletes a question or edits it accidentally, you have no recourse. Students Collaborate One idea for creating a collaborative Google Form is to have students create questions […]

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Google Forms: Do NOT Duplicate Forms

reusing google forms

Google Forms One Version Having a single version of things is one of the things that make using Google Apps different from the old days of Office. You stop wondering if you have the correct version. You only have one version and keep it updated. One Google Form I recommend you do NOT use a […]

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5 Steps to do When Using Google Forms for Formative Assessment

Google Forms Quiz

5 Steps to Creating Using Google Forms for Formative Assessment Before providing students with the Google Forms quiz, try these 5 tips to make the process easier. Formative assessment should allow you to quickly respond and change your instruction based on the results. Setting up the Google Form and spreadsheet in advance of students taking […]

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Google Forms: Control E

google forms control E

Google Forms Settings With the new Google Forms you want to make sure that you click on the settings wheel. The Google Form settings allow you to set who can take the form, provide a confirmation message, automatically collect username (email) or allow students to submit another response. Control E Since you want to check […]

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Google Forms: Create a Branching Quiz Question

Forms Branching questions

Create a Self Grading Quiz Google Forms is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It is awesome for formative assessment and allows for the teacher to have a quick response to student needs. Using a Google Form for formative assessment can be graded using Flubaroo. Flubaroo also allows for students to immediate receive an email of […]

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Google Forms: Creating Formative Assessment Quizzes

creating a google forms quiz formative assessment alice keeler

Formative Assessment Quizzes with Google Forms The purpose of formative assessment is not to put a grade in the gradebook. When we are teaching we want to collect evidence and data as to how the students are understanding the material. We then use that evidence to form or change what we do next. Formative assessment […]

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