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3 Google Sites Things to Try

Google Sites is a great way to provide students tutorial documents. Try these 3 features to customize your Google Sites pages.

Insert Button into Google Sites

Google Sites websites allow you to add a button to the pages. Buttons are very helpful to bring attention to links you particularly want students to click on. Insert Menu While editing your Google Site, notice the “Insert” tab in the right side bar. Scroll down a bit in the sidebar to find “Button.” Select the Section First The button… Read More »Insert Button into Google Sites

Easy Fast Quick Google Sites by Alice Keeler

Make Google Sites FAST

Google Sites is a quick way to create a website. Use sites.new to go straight to a brand new Google Sites. Go to sites.google.com/new to try out a template or find your already created Sites.

Google Sites 3 features

3 New Google Sites Features

New Features in Google Sites As always, Google is always getting better. Google Sites is no exception. Some exciting new features have come to Google Sites recently. Sites is an easy way to create a website that integrates Google Drive documents. Simply double click and choose Drive files to embed. Use Google Sites to create tutorials for students. Have students… Read More »3 New Google Sites Features

Find Your Google Sites

Google Sites Save to Google Drive Google Sites is an easy way to make websites. Why do I make things in Google Sites as opposed to other website building tools? Integration with Google Drive! Double click to insert text or items in your Google Drive. Super easy. Google Sites sites.new My favorite way to create a Google Site is to… Read More »Find Your Google Sites

10 Easter Eggs in G Suite

10 G Suite Easter Eggs

10 Hidden Features of G Suite Not everything can be found in a menu. Here are 10 features of G Suite that you have to know to use. 1) Google Sites In Google Sites double click to reveal a wheel to insert content. Try making a Google Site by going to http://sites.new. 2) Force a Copy When I share my… Read More »10 G Suite Easter Eggs

Make a copy from Version History

Google Docs: Copy a Version

Extract a Previous Version as a New Document In Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drawings versions are automatically saved. There is no save button because Google Apps saves for you! Back in the day when I used Microsoft Word I would frequently make copies as I worked just in case the file I was currently working on got corrupted or… Read More »Google Docs: Copy a Version

create new google docs

Google Docs is NEW!!

Try Dot New with Your Google Apps There is a new way to create your favorite Google App. End it in dot new. doc.new docs.new sheet.new sheets.new spreadsheet.new form.new forms.new slides.new slide.new site.new sites.new Control T I love an excuse to get in a tip to use a keyboard shortcut. Use Control T on your computer (Command T on a… Read More »Google Docs is NEW!!

google sites insert chart

Google Sites: Add Chart

Add Charts to Google Sites It’s way at the bottom as a list of options, but a pretty darn cool trick! The Answer is Always a Spreadsheet What happens when you click on Charts? It offers you a filter of your spreadsheets. What? YES! Step 1 is to use Google Sheets to create the chart you want. Step 2 is… Read More »Google Sites: Add Chart

customize favicon google sites alice keeler

Google Sites Favicon

Add a Favicon to Google Sites Well, that was easy! I just tried out the new feature to add a favicon to Google Sites. The favicon is the little icon on the tab when you’re visiting a website. Until recently the favicon was the Google Sites logo. You can now easily customize it to whatever you want. I will admit… Read More »Google Sites Favicon