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3 Google Sites Things to Try

Google Sites is Google’s website creator. I love using Google Sites because it is quick and easy to share information. Here are 3 things to try with your students and Google Sites.

Hide from Navigation

I create one Google Sites for my entire school year to use as tutorials. Instead of linking students to YouTube videos or Google Doc directions, build a page in Google Sites instead. In the sidebar on the right, select “Pages” and add a new page. Use the 3 dots when hovering over the page title in the sidebar to choose “Hide from navigation.”

Pages in the sidebar. Click on the 3 dots and select Hide from navigation.

You will need to provide students the direct link to that page since it is hidden from the Site navigation. You must PUBLISH the site (upper right). After publishing, click on the link icon in the toolbar along the top to get the link to that specific page.

Use the link icon in the toolbar

The fastest way to embed a Google Slides (or YouTube) into a Google Sites is to DOUBLE CLICK. Use the embed option that looks like a yellow less than greater than. < >. Simply paste the link to the Google Slides and it will convert it to an embed. No need to manually get the embed code.

Double click wheel use the < > icon to embed links to Google Slides.

Delete Header

On an individual page you may want more control over the design of the page. Hover over the header and use the trash can icon on the left hand side.

Use the trash can icon in the left side gutter to delete the header.
Embrace Cheating Tools

Students cheat with Google Translate or Photomath or a variety of tools. Do not fight it, embrace it!

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3 Google Sites Things to Try

Google Sites is a great way to provide students tutorial documents. Try these 3 features to customize your Google Sites pages.

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