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Google Sites: Try Shift Enter When Typing

Google Sites is a quick and easy way to make a website. In 2020 a ton of new features were added (including the ability to create a site from a Template). One thing I use a lot when typing text is SHIFT ENTER. What happens when you press Enter in a Google Doc (and other places) is it creates a new paragraph. I do not necessarily want a new paragraph, I just want to . In Google Sites when you press Enter it creates a space between the two lines. This has been frustrating when I want to keep text together. No more!

Bullet Points

When you press Enter while making bullet points in a Google Site it creates a new bullet. However, if you want to expand on the current bullet point, hold down the Shift key and then press the Enter key. Using regular Enter will get you back to the next bullet point.


Notice on this Google Site where I was typing a recipe, I wanted each of the steps to collect together into one paragraph. After each line I held down the SHIFT key and pressed Enter. At the point where the recipe shifts to a different process, I wanted those steps in a new paragraph. I used Enter to create that new Paragraph.

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