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3 Google Sites Features

3 Google Sites Features to check out. Google Sites can be used for so many things in our classroom. Creating tutorials, classroom websites, student portfolios, student collaboration, and more.
3 Google Sites Features

As always, Google is always getting better. Google Sites is no exception. Sites is an easy way to create a website that integrates Google Drive documents. Simply double click and choose Drive files to embed. Use Google Sites to create tutorials for students. Have students create a portfolio of their best work along with a reflection to showcase their learning holistically.

Caution: Documents added to Google Sites do NOT change sharing permissions.

Before diving into Google Sites, be aware that when you insert Google Apps documents the sharing permissions remain in tact. In other words, if the document is private, it will still be private. As the creator of the site you obviously always have permissions to your own documents so the documents are always visible to you. However, outside persons will not be able to see the documents unless you set the sharing permissions on the document to allow that.

3 Google Sites Features

Collapsable Text

Scrolling through a long page of text can be less than fun. Google Sites allows you to create collapsable text from the insert sidebar.

3 Google Sites Features: One is collapsible text that can be found in the sidebar of sites editor.

Type a few words to tease what will be revealed by clicking on the arrow. Type text below the headline.

2. Change Fill on Buttons

While buttons themselves are relatively new, even newer is the ability to change the fill of the button. Choose “Button” from the insert sidebar and notice the tiny triangle on the button options. The default is “Filled.” Instead choose “Outlined” or just “Text.”

3. Image Carousels

For projects have students take pictures of the progress of their project. Either with mobile devices or screenshots. Using the insert sidebar, have students create an image carousel of their project. This allows them to insert multiple images into one spot on the site.

Be sure to click the carousel settings cog…. twice. There is a cog on the carousel to add pictures and a second one on the edit carousel screen.

This allows for having the image carousel automatically advance the images. This default is off, click “Auto start” checkbox to give the site viewer less clicking.

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