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Your Google Drive is a Hot Mess

Let’s be honest, we have not from the beginning of our use of Google Drive been diligent about organizing it and now it’s a hot mess! Here are a few steps to help clean it up. Create a Hot Mess Folder Let’s start fresh!!! In your Google Drive create a folder and call it “Hot mess” or whatever you want… Read More »Your Google Drive is a Hot Mess

FREE!! Make a Pile of Google Slides for Students and Update Them

When teaching remotely, or just when teaching with digital tools, using Google Slides is a giant help! Students can create muti-media representations of their work and since Google Slides are collaborative you can see their work in real time. Now you want to be able to update and add to the student slides… my Add-on can help. Makes a folder… Read More »FREE!! Make a Pile of Google Slides for Students and Update Them

Copy My Folder Add-on

Copy a Folder in Google Drive

Copy Files from One Account to Another If you want to copy your Google Drive files from one account to another the trick is to put the files in account A into a folder. Share the folder with account B. In account B go to “Shared with Me” and start copying the files in that folder. This is tedious. Obviously… Read More »Copy a Folder in Google Drive

Sort Google Drive last modified by me

Sort Last Modified by Me

Google Drive Sorting One of the things I love about Google Drive is the information I can get about a file without opening it. Sorting in Drive helps me to find my work faster, especially if I am collaborating. List View Be sure to be in “List View” in your Google Drive to sort. This will show a plain list… Read More »Sort Last Modified by Me

PDF my Folder in Drive

PDF my Folder – Add-on

Turn Google Drive Folder Files to PDF If you would like to print student work to post on the wall you will need to Control P print one document at a time. Alternatively, you can use PDF my Folder Add-on by me (Alice Keeler) to turn a folder of Google Apps Documents into PDF’s. This allows you to download the… Read More »PDF my Folder – Add-on

Find Your Google Sites

Google Sites Save to Google Drive Google Sites is an easy way to make websites. Why do I make things in Google Sites as opposed to other website building tools? Integration with Google Drive! Double click to insert text or items in your Google Drive. Super easy. Google Sites sites.new My favorite way to create a Google Site is to… Read More »Find Your Google Sites

Google Drive Shared with Me

Google Drive: Add Shared to Drive

Add Shared Files to Your Google Drive It is important to understand that “Shared with me” is not a folder. It is a filter. When checking the “Shared with me” filter on the left hand side of Google Drive you may run into some “quirks” that frustrate you if you’re thinking it should behave as a Drive folder… which it… Read More »Google Drive: Add Shared to Drive

Drive20 Plus Open multiple files

Open Files Fast: Drive20 Plus

Open Multiple Google Apps Files in Drive Collecting student work digitally means opening multiple digital documents. To open a file in Google Drive you must double click. Opening 20 student documents is 40 clicks! I use the Drive20 Chrome extension to make fast work of this. Drive20 Plus Chrome Extension Click Here to purchase Drive20 Plus Drive20 Lite is free… Read More »Open Files Fast: Drive20 Plus