Who’s Doing the Learning?

Are the Students Learning or Is the Teacher? A Guest Post by Erin Whalen I have had the privilege of hearing Alice speak several times now, and while I have learned a LOT from her, there is one particular phrase that has really made me stop and think about my own...

Google Hangouts from a Google Community

I have a small addiction to Google Communities. I love using them with students and also with groups I am collaborating with. One feature of a Google Plus Community is the ability to add events. I will use these events to post major due dates, and to just create an...

Try student presentations like this

I had lunch today with someone from the local city college and we were thinking of ways that college professors might be more productive with Google. Here is one of our ideas: Create Google Presentation templates (like PowerPoint) and allow students to create their...

Create a Document from an Email

How many times have you gotten an email that you will want to keep a record of, to create a project out of, or want better collaboration communication with?  Usually I copy and paste the email into a Google doc, but gmail will actually do this for you! When you have...

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