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Gamify Your PD & Build Community With @GibboneyRebecca

Gamification, for me, was not only for the classroom but also for my colleagues. After all, adults are just big kids at heart, right?!
Gamify Your PD & Build Community With @GibboneyRebecca

Bring the Fun in the Times of the Unknown By Guest Blogger Rebecca Gibboney, author of The Tiebreaker

How can we create community during this time?

We live in a world where normal is undefined and the unknown is more certain than the known. We live in a world filled with questions without answers and hidden smiles. We are masked emotionless and frozen in fear of entering our next school year. Not because of educating–we were born to educate, but more so the unknown. Yet, in my opinion, one thing in education remains the same–the need for community. 

The need to belong. 

I have always built community wiith my colleagues through gamification, which is one of the many reasons that inspired me to write my book, The Tiebreaker. Gamification, for me, was not only for the classroom but also for my colleagues. After all, adults are just big kids at heart, right?!

What are your favorite games?

Think about your favorite games growing up…Monopoly©, Sorry©, Jenga©, Uno©, etc. I don’t know about you, but I still have a blast playing all of these games! These games help me forget about the unknown, ground me in the present, and simply encourage fun! 

Now, gamification is not as simple as pulling out Monopoly© and playing it. I always added a twist, tied to our initiatives (feel free to read my book for more about building this kind of gamification); but my point is…for once, my colleagues and I could ‘let our hair down’ and just simply have some fun!

And, right now, isn’t that what is missing? Fun? Do not get me wrong, I am not dismissing the uncertainties and the fear that is hovering over us educators right now. However, I am reminding us that we cannot lose sight of community and simply having fun. 

Gamification never has to be anything too complex or anything too high risk. It can be something simple, yet engaging. In fact, as many educators are continuing to make that shift from face-to-face instruction to remote instruction, I feel like right now is the perfect opportunity for some simple gamification.

Join me as I brainstorm!

Join me as I do a quick brainstorm, a simple gamification, that perhaps you could use with your colleagues! And if you are not in charge of professional development, maybe my brainstorm session will help you think of ways to gamify your lessons with students. But join me as I think aloud how I can involve different community members from my district to reach educators at every level for my PD iniative. You can also apply concepts for your classroom and students.

YouTube video
Join me as I brainstorm a gamified PD session for my colleagues!

Would love to know how you use gamification in your PD! Tweet me at @GibboneyRebecca and keep me posted!

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If you are interested in hearing more about building a culture of gamification, check out Rebecca Gibboney’s book, The Tiebreaker, on Amazon: https://bit.ly/theTIEBREAKER or visit her website: www.rebeccagibboney.com.

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