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Try student presentations like this

Try student presentations like this

I had lunch today with someone from the local city college and we were thinking of ways that college professors might be more productive with Google. Here is one of our ideas:

Create Google Presentation templates (like PowerPoint) and allow students to create their presentations on the teachers starters. This allows the teacher to already have access and to give students feedback and direction before they give their presentation. It also allows for the elimination of flash drives and challenges to getting the presentation started.

  • Try creating a Google Site for the presentations and have the templates already embedded in the site.  Come presentation time the professor can pull up the site and be ready to present without fuss.
  • Embedded presentations can be created before the students have edited, allowing for the professor to set it all up at once time and not worry about it again until presentations. As students edit, the embedded slide shows will be automatically updated.
  • Can make the presentations able to edit by anyone with a link or require a sign in.  If assigning specific students collect their emails via a Google Form and just copy and paste email addresses into the share options.
  • Since all students have access to the site of student presentations, classmates will be able to view and learn from presentations even after the presentations are given.



  1. If you do not already have a gmail account, create one.  Suggestion to create one just for teaching.
  2. Go to http://docs.google.com
  3. Click Create->Presentation or next to the create button is an upload icon.  Upload a PowerPoint and make sure the convert button is selected.
  4. Click on the blue share button in the upper right hand corner.
  5. Make the Presentation publicly viewable (suggested) or viewable by anyone with the link by clicking on the word CHANGE next to the first option of the presentation being private.  Note the drop down list to allow anyone with the link to edit, if email addresses of editors are not available choose this option.
    Hit Save.
  6. At the bottom add the email addresses of anyone who is allowed to edit.
  7. If using a Google Site, when in editing mode simply go to the insert menu and insert Presentations.
  8. If using another site will need to publish the presentations and get the embed code.  Under the File menu is an option to publish.  Once published the embed code is provided.  Copy and paste into the source code of website.

Click here for a sample Google Site with pre-embedded student projects.

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  1. What an amazing idea! I just set up senior mini research projects on Google sites with Google slides! I love making the process visible to everyone to have more teachable moments.

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