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5 Easy Things to Do with Quizlet

Looking for something fun and easy to do with your students? Try Quizlet! Here are 5 easy things to do with Quizlet. Get started quickly and easily
5 Easy Things to Do with Quizlet

Gamification is a powerful way for students to engage with their learning. Quizlet has gamification activities for your students and other ways for students to study and practice. Quizlet operates on a freemium model. This means that some features are free and others are paid.

Quizlet Login

You can sign up for free using your Google or Microsoft account. You can also get a Quizlet login by using your email or connecting with Facebook.

5 Easy Things to Do with Quizlet

Quizlet is easy to use! Start with the already created activities and link them to your students. Here are 5 easy things you can do with Quizlet

1) Create a Practice Set

Copy and Paste from Google Docs

What is easy is the ability to simply COPY AND PASTE from a Google Doc or spreadsheet that you already have. Forget filling out a web form with each word and definition.

USE TAB in your Google Doc

You may want to go through your Google Doc first and use the TAB key. For example, my vocab word is Mutually Exclusive. These go together. To indicate to where the initial phrase stops and the definition starts – HIT THE TAB KEY. This is pretty fast and easy to do in a document you might already have. If you have a spreadsheet, be sure that the vocab list and definitions are in side by side cells.

Simply paste the list of words and definitions. EASY!

2) Create Classes

You will want to organize and share your materials with your students. Create a class! Choose “Class” from the create button at the top. Simply put in the class name and the name of your school to “Create class” and get an “Invite” link. Easy, simply share the link with students so they can join your Quizlet class.

3) Play Quizlet Live

PRACTICE TOGETHER! You do not have to make anything extra or fancy. Use the practice sets you already uploaded or that you found ready made on Quizlet. For the “In-class activity” option, select the Live button. Display your screen while you enjoy the peppy music. Students enter a code at www.quizlet.live

4. Find Additional Practice

While reviewing a practice set, scroll all the way to the bottom. Additional, similar, practice sets will be suggested. How easy is that? You don’t have to start over to get your students additional resources for practice.

5. Fast Formative Assessment

As easy as it is to make a Quizlet Live you can also do a Quizlet checkpoint. With Checkpoint you get to choose which questions you want to make a quick game out of. From the practice set main page, click on “Checkpoint.” It’s so fast and easy you can get it going while students are settling into class.

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