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How Fast Do You Type?

how fast do you type_
How Fast Do You Type?

how fast do you type_

The Faster I Type, The Faster I Am Done

Keyboarding was possibly one of the most useful classes I ever took. I remember in 8th grade being mad that I had to touch type, it was slower than my 2 finger method. However, by the end of the class literally my classmates would stand around me and watch me type. It’s not uncommon for someone to comment on how fast I’m typing. I get my papers written faster, blog posts finished faster, tweets sent off faster. Knowing how to type has served me well.

90 words per minute

No Login


There are 5 million websites that do typing tutor. I found this website that is not super fancy but requires no login, so you can do a quick speed test check! You CAN login, but I love that you do not have to. I have no clue about their privacy policies for students so not logging in sounds good.

Not Appropriate


I like to use play.typeracer.com because it is a typing competition and uses pop culture as what you type. Some of the typing samples use colorful language so I would not recommend this as a tool with your students, but it’s fun for you!

Typing is NOT Obsolete

I’m wicked fast with my thumbs but it’s not even close to typing on a keyboard. It’s awesome and amazing to be able to do work from anywhere on my phone, however, this is not my sole way to do work. When I need to do serious work and be more efficient I use a full keyboard.

Most places you are taking notes you’re not able to voice type them. There are other people around you. Can you imagine a conference room or lecture where all the people in the room are voice typing notes? It would be chaos. Voice typing a confidential email is a no no if anyone is around.

If you don’t practice typing, you’re not likely to suddenly become an efficient touch typer. Brag to your students about how fast you type and that you got faster.

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