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How to Quizlet Live

Looking for a fun review activity with your students? You can use Quizlet Live as a fun class activity.
How To quizlet live

How to Quizlet Live

You are a teacher, you quiz live students… thus Quizlet Live is a great option for you! Quizlet is a widely used resource that allows teachers and students to create flashcards, games, and practice sets. Students can study on their own or you can join them together in a Quizlet Live.

Upload Your Content

You first need to add your vocabulary words to your teacher Quizlet account or you will need to select an already pre-made Quizlet activity.

Quizlet Live measurement shortcuts flashcard activity with the LIVE option

Live Option

Notice after creating your activity you have an option to do an “In-class activity.” Quizlet Live! Students join you live, in real time, to practice your content.

Teams or Individual

How would you like your teams arranged? Two options to select random teams or individuals.

Students can play in random teams or as individuals. YOUR CHOICE!

Immediately you know this is going to be fun! Quizlet plays you some peppy music to enjoy with your class.

Join Quizlet Live

Students need to JOIN Quizlet Live. There are multiple ways for students to join. The students can simply go to www.quizlet.live and put in the 6 digit code you share with them. Alternatively, if students have the Quizlet App on their mobile device they can scan a QR code. Share the join link through your digital classroom (Google Classroom, Teams, Schoology, Canvas, etc…)

Share quizlet live by going to www.quizlet.live with the code or use the app on a device or copy the game link.

Create Game

Once students have joined, click “Create Game.” The students see the questions on their own device. You do NOT project the questions. This allows students to participate even remotely!!

Students match questions and answers. On your screen you will see each team, or student name depending on game mode, and how many questions they have correctly answered.

Two teams Rhinos and Reindeer. A progress bar shows which team is winning.

It is that easy to create a fun review activity with students!

Quizlet Checkpoint

Besides a classic Quizlet Live, try Quizlet Checkpoint. This is something you CAN display on a projector. The students will also see the question on their device. If you have played Kahoot, Quizlet Checkpoint is similar. The bar chart of what everyone selected after a question allows you to instantly review when you see weaknesses in student knowl

Quizlet Checkpoint group quiz with results showing after each question a bar chart of what everyone selected.

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