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Google Classroom: Better Progress Reports

Join Alice Keeler December 9th, or watch the recording afterwards, for a FREE OTIS webinar on better progress reports in Google Classroom.
Better Progress Reports Webinar
Google Classroom: Better Progress Reports
Alice Keeler Presentation for OTIS Webinar

Celebrate student achievements by having better data and better ways to know what students have achieved. If you were unable to join me for the webinar “Better Progress Reports in Google Classroom” The recording is available on the OTIS website. You will need a free OTIS account. Check out the calendar of all the free OTIS webinars coming up.

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Google Classroom Progress Reports

There are many ways to help students to know where they are at in Google Classroom. I try to encourage students to use the “View Your Work” button on the Classwork page.

View Your Work in Google Classroom

The challenge with this method is student accountability, how do I know they checked it? Once in awhile I will assign students to take a screenshot of the page and turn it in.

Google Docs Progress Reports

I want to have some control over my progress reports. One thing I do when I am not teaching high school math is I design progress reports for Google Classroom. One of my old designs (alicekeeler.com/classreports) helped me to get a list of student assignments, scores, and a list of missing assignments.

A challenge is that Google Classroom does not count assignments with a zero as missing.

Schoolytics Progress Reports

Instead of designing progress reports and Google Classroom solutions for myself I have asked Schoolytics to allow me to code and design progress reports for them. This makes it much easier to share with teachers. Unlike my alicekeeler.com/classreports Add-on you do not need to do extra hoop jumping to get your Google Classroom data. Simply login with your Google account. Connect your Google Classroom classes and you are good to go anytime for creating progress reports. Notice how the new home screen provides you with the option to “Create Progress Reports.”

Schoolytics home page for action

OTIS – Webinar December 9th

Google Classroom is helpful for digital interactions and managing student work with Google Drive. However, one of the weaknesses of Google Classroom is the lack of reports. Classroom teacher Alice Keeler will show you how she uses a free teacher account in Schoolytics.com to create and share better progress reports with students and guardians. Use Alice Keeler’s chrome extension designed to make it even easier to share back progress reports and feedback to Google Classroom.

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