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How To Make a Form from Google Sheets

Google Sheets recently updated the menus and icons. There is no longer a Form menu. Find it under Tools.

Not What You Think It Is

“Create a new form” in the Tools menu will indeed create a new Google Form. However, it is relatively the same as just going to http://forms.new. The Form is blank!

There is no way to take the questions off of your spreadsheet to create a Form.

Natively, the Form created is just a blank Form. If you want to create a Form from a spreadsheet you can use alicekeeler.com/form or use another Add-on like Form Creator. However, the Form you create from the Tools menu will link the current spreadsheet to the Form you create. That is helpful. I noticed though that even though my default for making a new Form is to collect email addresses, the Form created from the spreadsheet did not have that setting. I had to enable that manually on the settings tab.

Linked Responses Sheet

Purple form icon on the tab.

You can tell which sheet is receiving the responses from the spreadsheet as it has a purple Form icon. If you unlink the sheet from the Form, the icon will go away.

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Manage Form

You can find what was the old “Form” menu integrated into the Tools menu.

Tools menu and choose manage form to see the menu of options.

If you have a Form linked to the spreadsheet you will see the option for “Manage form.” You can then

  • Edit form
  • Go to live form
  • Send form
  • Embed form in a webpage
  • Show summary of responses
  • Unlink form

Edit Form

Edit form will open the Form in a new tab to allow you to edit. This is really handy so you do not need to go back to Google Drive and figure out which Form is feeding into this particular spreadsheet.

Go to live form

This takes you to the Form that can be filled out. Use this option to add entries to the Form.

Send Form

As you are reviewing the Google Form, you may notice that someone has not filled it out but should have. Send them the link to the Form.

Embed Form in a Webpage

This takes you to the sharing screen of the Google Form to copy the embed code.

Show Summary of Responses

You can share the summary charts with students or colleagues by using the link that this option sends you to.

Unlink Form

Choosing this option disconnects the Form from the spreadsheet. The copy of the Form results will remain in the spreadsheet. However, new responses to the Form will not populate in the spreadsheet any longer.

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