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Do Not Copy Google Forms – Reuse Them

Google Forms are reusable! No need to make copies. Keep your Google Drive from being a hot mess of documents with the same name.

Open the Form

From forms.google.com or drive.google.com or clicking on the Form in a Google Classroom assignment open the Google Form.

Responses Tab

Click on the 3 dots menu in the Form on the Responses tab.

Delete All Responses

Select to “Delete all responses” from the 3 dots menu. If you have a Google Sheets spreadsheet all of the results are copied to the spreadsheet so you can safely delete the responses from the Form.

Also from the 3 dots menu, select “Unlink form.” This really means, “Unlink spreadsheet.” The Form and the spreadsheet will no longer be linked together. Your previous Google Form data will still be in the spreadsheet in Google Drive.

Create Spreadsheet

Click the spreadsheet icon to create a new spreadsheet that is linked to the Form.

Edit the Form

Update your Google Form for how you want it to look this school year.

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