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Seating Chart Slides

Updated! Seating Chart Slides sends your roster from a Google Doc™ to a Google Slides™. Arrange the name tiles to create seating charts. Also try using it for vocabulary practice!

I had this request from many teachers! I have coded for you the ability to take your roster from a Google Doc and create a seating chart in Google Slides. Each name on the roster is added to a Google Slides as its own moveable text box. Note: I teach high school math. Part-time I work as a developer for Schoolytics.

Seating Chart Slides by Schoolytics creates a grid of student names in individual text boxes.

Start with a Google Doc

This Add-on is for Google DOCs. It will create a Google Slides with the names of your students arranged in a customizable grid.

Add-ons Menu

In Google Docs use the Extensions menu.

Install Add-ons in Google Docs

Show Sidebar

Use the Add-ons menu to select Seating Chart Slides by Alice Keeler and show the sidebar.

Use the Add-ons menu to select Seating Chart Slides by Schoolytics. Click on Create Google Slides.

Create Google Slides

After pasting a roster of your student name in the Google Doc, click on “Create Google Slides” in the sidebar of Seating Chart Slides by Schoolytics. This will create a new Google Slides with each student’s name in its own individual text box. This seating chart is customizable. Drag names around to change the seating arrangement.

Drag the text boxes with each students name on it around to customize the seating chart.

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