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ELA – 4 Google Sheets Essential Skills

ELA teachers here are 4 tips to help you love spreadsheets for your class.
ELA – 4 Google Sheets Essential Skills

ELA teachers you NEED spreadsheets!! Google Sheets is just like a Google Doc but better. It is a big table. Have students organize their work in Google Sheets!

1. Make Columns Wider

You might think Google Sheets is not for you because you need full sentences and a spreadsheet has these little tiny boxes. Make the column wider!!! Get your cursor in between two columns and drag the column so it is wider.

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2. Word Wrap

The most essential skill for Google Sheets to help you love spreadsheets is Word Wrap. You can not be an ELA teacher using spreadsheets and not use this one! First, look for the CENTERING icon in the toolbar. This is the same icon as in Google Docs for centering text. The icon to the right of that is vertical centering (another favorite of mine.) The icon to the right of that is WORD WRAP!!

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3. Merge Cells

PUT YOUR ANSWER IN THE BIG BOX! I use merge cells a lot. Take one tiny cell and combine it with a bunch of cells. Make a giant answer box! Highlight a bunch of cells. Look for a broken square with 2 arrows in it. This will merge the highlighted cells into one big cell. Use the paint can to shade the giant box so students know to put their answer in there.

Tip: Click on ONE cell, hold down the shift key and use the arrow keys to select multiple cells.

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4. Automatic Numbering

You do not need to use any numbers or math to use spreadsheets. [tweet]Spreadsheets are for everyone![/tweet]. Now while you do not need math, sometimes it is helpful to organize your document by numbering questions or steps. Google Sheets will do this for you! You want to establish a pattern in the spreadsheet of at least 2 numbers. Highlight the pattern and then use the fill down square in the bottom corner to pull down and continue the pattern.

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