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Gorman Style Beets in the Air Fryer

While not directly related to teaching, cooking beets in the air fryer will result in a tastier and healthier life.
beets in the air fryer
Gorman Style Beets in the Air Fryer

I love experimenting in the kitchen with my Instant Pot and – my current obsession – the air fryer. You may not think you love beets, but wait until you try beets in the air fryer. You will be sure to be a fan!! 

Gorman Style Beets in the Air Fryer

This post is inspired by Greg Gorman, a true beet aficionado – he never misses a chance to comment on my beet creations! Now, “Gorman Style” means we’re ditching the oven in favor of air-fried beets. The method of beets in the air fryer gets you roasted beet perfection with way less hassle.

The Air Fryer is a Must

Speaking of the air fryer, if you don’t own one, consider this your sign!  Let me assure you, it’s not just hype –  this little appliance does wonders. Warms up food faster than the oven, crisps leftovers to perfection, and even does an amazing job with baking cinnamon rolls… the possibilities are endless. Honestly, the only time I preheat my oven now is for big batches.

Picture of beets cooked in the air fryer

The Recipe: Gorman Style Beets

Roasting Beets in the Air Fryer

Here’s how to make my favorite beets in the air fryer, Gorman Style.

Prep: Peel your beets (a potato peeler works great) and dice them into roughly quarter-inch chunks. Uniform size means more even cooking!

Season: Toss the diced beets with olive oil, salt, and pepper. You can do this in a bowl or zip-top bag.

The Trick: To ensure even air frying, always spread your food in a single layer.

Cook: Air fry your beets at 370°F (188°C) for 15 minutes. Don’t forget to give them a toss or shake every 5 minutes for those perfectly roasted edges.

That’s it! Super simple and tasty.

10 Reasons Teachers Should Use an Air Fryer

Almost anything I would put in the microwave or oven is better in the Air Fryer. You can do more than just beets in the air fryer! Left over chicken nuggets and fries are better the second day! Anything in a tube like biscuits or cinnamon rolls, put a little parchment paper on the bottom of the Air Fryer. 4 minutes on one side. 2 minutes on the other. Boom done!! We buy the pre made chicken alfredo at Sam’s club. Takes 45 minutes in the oven. 8 minutes in the Air Fryer!! Anything frozen like tater tots, onion rings, etc… Are at their best in the Air Fryer.

1. Quick and Healthy Meal Prep

Teachers are short on time. An air fryer cooks meals much faster than an oven with less oil! Perfect for healthy snacks and lunches prepared ahead of time.

2. Feed a Crowd (or Hungry Teens)

Some air fryers have large capacities. Great for cooking extra food for potlucks, teacher events, or those ravenous teenagers when they get home from school.

3. Leftovers Get Exciting

Tired of soggy microwaved leftovers? The air fryer revitalizes food like pizza, fries, and more. No extra dishes, just the crispy texture you crave.

4. Easy Classroom Treats

From mini-quiches to cookies, some models are perfect for classroom-sized batches. Turn cooking demos into an engaging teaching tool! (Check school policy first, of course).

5. Less Kitchen Heat

No one wants to heat up a kitchen in the summer months. Air fryers heat up quickly and with way less ambient heat compared to a full-sized oven.

6. Expand Culinary Adventures

Introduce students to world flavors without complex recipes. With the help of an air fryer, exploring culinary traditions can be simple, mess-free, and healthy.

7. Minimal Cleanup

Air fryers provide versatile cooking options with minimal cleanup.

8. “Fried” Food Without the Guilt

Enjoy the occasional “fried” treat (chicken tenders, onion rings, etc.) with a lot less oil compared to deep-frying. Less guilt for those occasional cheat days!

9. Promotes Culinary Independence

Air fryers are simple to use. This creates an opportunity for helping our children to safely practice cooking skills, building independence and kitchen confidence.

10. Potluck Star

Become the designated hot appetizer person at staff potlucks. Many air fryer snacks transport well and reheat to perfection on-site.

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