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Easy Wins with Microsoft Teams

Easy Wins with Microsoft Teams
Easy Wins with Microsoft Teams
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What is an easy win? Simple things you can do tomorrow to help you feel like you’re a ninja at using Microsoft Teams. Check out my webinar with my guest Lisa Dabbs as we go over a few Easy Wins!!

Easy Wins with Microsoft Teams
Create Channels

Channels are the best part of Microsoft Teams! Click on the 3 dots next to the Team name to create a channel for every unit, project, small group, and conversation.

Create collaborative PowerPOints

THINK COLLABORATE! In the modern age let’s modernize our practices. Old school is individual assignments done individually at their desk. Let’s transition to MORE collaborate than individual for assignments. Use the Files tab in a channel to add a collaborative PowerPoint.

Add a PowerPOint to a tab

Whatever document you’re doing with the students that day, pin it to a tab in the channel! Rather than rely on students finding it in the Files tab, just have it at the top!

Give Praise in the Posts

Feeling like you’re part of something is very motivating. Take Teams beyond a place to assign work and create community! Easily add a praise badge to any channel posts.

Chat encourement

On the left hand side of Teams is a chat option. This let’s you not just email students “you are missing your work” but instead CONVERSATE with them. A chat conversation is so much better than an email interchange, and it is private. Click on Chat on the left side of Teams, click the new chat icon and put in student name. “I see you’re struggling getting assignment #023 done, do you need help?”

Share a meeting to a channel

As we move towards more digital interactions, we video chat with our students. Teams makes it so easy to communicate that you’re having a video meeting. Go to Calendar in Teams and create a new meeting. Choose to add the meeting to a channel and Teams does all the hard work. Students have a million ways from Sunday to know there is a video chat going on and to join!

Manage channel notifications

Hover over a channel title on the left hand side to get the 3 dots more options menu and manage the channel notifications. The current unit.. you WANT notifications on. Old ones, you don’t.

Add a tab

Tabs are amazing! They add extra functionality to your Team. Customize your channel by clicking the plus icon along the top to add a tab and connect to awesome tools such as Flipgrid.

YouTube video
YouTube video

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