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Top 10 Alice Keeler Blogs of 2017

Top 10 Alice Keeler Blogs of 2017
Alice Keeler top 10 blog posts of 2017

Top Alice Keeler Blogs of 2017

New year… new blogs. However, here is a look at my top blogs from last year. Click on the titles below to link to the posts.

6 alternatives to reading logs by shaelynn

1. 6 Alternatives to Reading Logs by Shaelynn Farnsworth

My #1 blog post of 2017 was not written by me! Thank you to Shaelynn Farnsworth for sharing alternative ideas to using reading logs.

5 Things You Did Not Know About Google Slides by Alice Keeler

2. 5 Things You Did Not Know About Google Slides

No one is a bigger fan of spreadsheets than me; I like to say “the answer is always a spreadsheet.” However, I think I use Google Slides more than Sheets. I don’t use Slides to replace PowerPoint, I use Slides to GET information from students. It’s an amazing collaboration space.

7 hidden tricks in new google sites

3. 7 Hidden Tricks in New Google Sites

The new Google Sites is super easy to use. I love the ability to double click to insert content. Sites keeps getting better. What is not in this blog post is a recent feature to allow you to use embed codes in Google Sites. I’ve needed that, yay Sites team, keep it coming!

Google Classroom header template

4. Google Classroom Header Template

It’s not fancy but it’s useful. This is a Google Drawing template that is the right size for creating a custom header in Google Classroom. I go to alicekeeler.com/gcheader and drag my Bitmoji onto the drawing canvas. Download and upload to Classroom. I use it all the time.

sumbit video to google classroom

5. Google Classroom: Record Video Straight to Classroom

One awesome feature about Google Classroom is the ability to turn in anything. If students record video on their phone or take a picture on their phone they can turn those in through the Google Classroom app. In the Android version of the Google Classroom app students can record the video right in the app, no extra steps needed.

10 google apps tips for 2017

6. 10 Google Apps Tips for 2017

Oh how quickly things change. This was made at the end of 2016 actually and already a few features need updating. Google keeps me on my toes! To add clipart you can no longer easily filter for clipart when inserting an image. Instead, type in type:clipart into the search box on the sidebar when inserting images from the web.

Revision history is now called version history. The document outline is no longer under the Tools menu in Google Docs. You can now find document outline in the View menu.

3 alternatives to AR farnsworth

7. 3 Alternatives to Accelerated Reader

Shaelynn Farnsworth made the top list twice in 2017! Check out her 3 alternatives to using Accelerated Reader.

add a google form to google classroom

8. How to Add a Google Form to Google Classroom

Google Forms is the best thing since sliced bread! Easily add a Google Form to Google Classroom by adding it from Google Drive.

16 G Suite Challenges

9. 16 G Suite Challenges for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

I’m betting there is at least one challenge on this Google Doc I made that you don’t know!

model the cell

10. I Learned Nothing, I Just Googled The Parts of the Cell

How much learning do students get out of an activity in comparison to the amount of time and MONEY they spend on the project?

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