Create a Header for your Google Classroom

You can add your own custom header to Google Classroom. I make a lot of Google Classrooms and I was feeling like adding my Bitmoji to mix it up. To do that I had to make my own image.

Google Classroom header


Make a copy of the Google Drawing template.

Google Drawing template

Change the Background Color

The default in the template is blue. Right-click on the template and choose “Background.” This provides a color pallet to choose a different color.

Change background color

Add Your Bitmoji (Customize!)

You do not need to add your Bitmoji, add something of yourself and your students! If you do have the Bitmoji Chrome extension, click on the extension and literally DRAG the Bitmoji onto the template.
Add your bitmoji

Download As PNG

Use the File menu on the template to choose "Download as" and choose "PNG." This downloads the header image to your computer.
Download as PNG

Upload Image

In Google Classroom in the header area, bottom right click on "Upload."
Upload image to header in Google Classroom


The selection area does not cover the entire header image. Use the resizing handles on the corner to stretch the selection area to cover the entire header image.

Resize to fit the entire image

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