sumbit video to google classroom

This is a game changer, from your mobile device you can record video straight to Google Classroom.

Record Video to Assignment

On your mobile, create an assignment and tap on the paper clip icon at the top. The last option for attachments is “Record Video.” This is not add a video you already made, but rather to record video now right into Classroom. And by that I mean right into Google Drive since nothing actually lives in Classroom.

Record video to google classroom

I am in an Uber right now in London, UK and was able to add a short video right into this Classroom assignment. Talk about being able to teach from anywhere!!

Notice the MP4 linked in the assignment. So super easy!!

Students Can Submit Video

When on mobile, students can use the app to submit video. They tap on the assignment, tap on “Student work,” and tap on “add attachment.” One of the options for students is to “Record video.” Flip the camera around and students can record themselves orally demonstrating their learning.

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