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16 G Suite Challenges for Beg Int Adv

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced user here are 16 G Suite challenges for you to try.
16 G Suite Challenges for Beg Int Adv

Juggling lesson plans, grading papers, and wrangling classroom chaos is enough to keep anyone on their toes. But in today’s tech-driven world, there’s another layer added to the mix: navigating the ever-evolving landscape of G Suite for Education. While this suite of powerful tools promises to revolutionize your classrooms, let’s be honest, it also throws up its fair share of challenges. Fear not, fellow pedagogues! Today, we dive headfirst into the most common G Suite hurdles teachers face, and unveil practical tips and tricks to conquer them head-on. Unlock the full potential of G Suite to transform your teaching and empower your students. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced user try these G Suite challenges!

16 G Suite Challenges

G Suite is now Google Workspace. Google may change the name and interfaces. However, many challenges remain the same. Try these 16 G Suite challenges. Organized for all levels of users! 

Google Doc of G Suite Challenges

This Google Doc is intended to share. You could print it. The blue background will not print. However, the paradigm shift is that Google Docs are about sharing and collaborating. Less about printing. 

Embedded Google Doc of G Suite Challenges

Scroll through these challenges to find a G Suite challenge for you to practice. 

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The Shift to Google Workspace

Google Docs has taken on many names over the years. Originally there were 2 products: spreadsheets and docs. Did you know spreadsheets came first? Later Google Presentation was added. These applications were collectively known as Google Docs. You can see how that is confusing. Is a Google Doc a document or a presentation? The title Google Apps came along to alleviate the confusion. Google Apps refers to the applications. Google Docs came to simply mean the Google document that is similar to Microsoft Word. G Suite was introduced to look at the entire collection of Google products, not just Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Oh, and, Google Documents were renamed to Google Docs. Google Spreadsheet was renamed to Google Sheets. Google Presentation was renamed to Google Slides. All under the umbrella of Google Apps in G Suite. 

Google Workspace

What the heck is G Suite? A need to better communicate that Google Docs is not just for home use, but is a serious competitor to Microsoft Office. Note that Microsoft Office had its own name change to Office 365. 

Bard, Explain it to Me

I asked Google Bard to explain the shift from G Suite to Google Workspace.

Remember when your old flip phone upgraded to a fancy smartphone? Google Workspace is like that for G Suite. They’re essentially the same foundation, those familiar productivity tools like Docs and Sheets, but Workspace is the sleek redesign with enhanced features and a new focus. Here’s the lowdown: G Suite was a collection of apps for basic collaboration. Workspace takes it further, integrating them seamlessly for smoother teamwork, with extras like smart file previews and advanced communication tools like Meet and Chat. Think of it as moving from individual apps to a unified workspace where everything flows together, making your classroom life a breeze!

What is Google Bard?

In 2023 Artificial Intelligence, specifically generative AI, became all the rage. Google Bard came out shortly after Open AI released ChatGPT. Ask Bard to give you some G Suite challenges. Even with the name change it is more than happy to oblige. 

Google Drive icon
Google Drive
Old Gmail icon for G Suite Challenges

Updated for Google Workspace, the Google Drive logo has the colors of the Google logo.

Old Google Drive logo for G Suite. You can find older G Suite challenges with this logo. 

2 thoughts on “16 G Suite Challenges for Beg Int Adv

  1. LOVE the voice command for Google Docs! Thanks, Alice!! Question – do you feel that it’s ok to move files that have been shared with you to one of your own folders? Some people feel that’s wrong because that doc doesn’t really belong to the person it was shared to, so they shouldn’t be able to move things around at their discretion. I feel like it’s a work space thing -we have to organize our files!!!

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