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Today my life got infinitely better. Google Classroom now allows users with Gmail accounts (email ends in to join a Google Classroom class. Eventually, Gmail users will be able to create a class, patience! Notice that new features for G Suite ROLL OUT so if your Gmail account does not have access to Google Classroom just wait.

G Suite for Education

What if your email is not but instead a school email on G Suite. Yes, you can now join the Google Classroom classes of people outside of your district MAYBE. By default, this ability is turned OFF. Your G Suite apps admin will need to enable this.

If you have access to the admin panel ( click on “Apps.” Then click on “Google Classroom.” Notice there is a radio button to allow “Any user” and “Any G Suite for Education class.” Choose those if you want to fully open the flood gates to access outside the domain.
apps settings for Google Classroom

Professional Development

This is a really big deal for professional development. Now we can learn from people outside our school! I have some Google Classroom online workshops I am running ( I use Google Classroom as the online platform. The hassle has been that in order to use Google Classroom you have to be at the same school. NO MORE! Now you can use your own personal Gmail account to participate in my online workshops or in person events. If you want to use your school G Suite account you’ll need to get your G Suite apps admin to check some checkboxes in the admin panel.

Learn More

If you want to learn more about Google Classroom check out my books:

50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom. This book is for users who are new to Google Classroom.

50 Things to Go Further with Google Classroom: A Student-Centered Approach. Is the follow up book to the first one to help you really rethink how teaching looks when you bring technology into the classroom.

A free resource is A tour of Google Classroom.

I have almost 200 blog posts on Google Classroom. I have a list in order from beginner to advanced at

G Suite for Work

Sorry, only accounts and G Suite for Education accounts for now.

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