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Google Baseball Game: Class Review Activity

Review content with your class using this baseball template in Google Slides. A Google Baseball Game will be a fun way for students to engage in getting ready for the test!
class baseball review game google slides
Google Baseball Game: Class Review Activity

class baseball review game google slides

Google Slides: Class Baseball Game

A lot of us play Jeopardy for a class review game. If you are looking for a different spin on that, try class baseball. The template is generic and can be applied to any subject. I played this a lot with my math classes, they loved it.

Set Up

I have directions typed up that include both a paper version and a Google Slides version. First, move all your desks out of the way and use your chairs as “benches.” Divide the class up into two teams. Arrange the chairs into two benches that face each other. Students will write on the Whiteboard or IWB; this will serve as home plate.  Or just use a small whiteboard they can hold. Arrange 3 chairs for 1st, 2nd and 3rd base.


Create sets of questions that go from super easy that any student can be successful at (single) to crazy hard that most students would struggle with (home run). While the format lends itself to DOK 1 questions you can also find ways to increase the critical thinking levels. Have the question ask students to explain their reasoning rather than simply provide the answer.

Math baseball functions


Google Slides

Using the template, write the questions on each of the slides. You will want to use the Slides in Present mode so that the hyperlinks on the “Pitch the Ball” slide jump to the respective slide. Students choose which question and whether or not they want a Single, Double, Triple or Home Run.


pitch the ball solving equations baseball

Clicking on the link in the table reveals the question.
single level question math baseball

Return to Pitch the Ball

The baseball glove in the bottom right-hand corner returns you to the “Pitch the Ball” slide.

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Each team needs a team captain. This is the person who officially speaks for the team.

Whichever team goes first, the student comes up and is “pitched the ball.” This means they choose a question. At first, the students always choose a single. When the student answers the question it becomes a “fly ball” and the other team has to catch it.

The other team works together to determine if the student is right or not. The team captain makes the call as to if they are right or not. If the student is declared to have the correct answer (even if the student is wrong) the student goes and sits in the chair for the level they chose. For a single, the student is sitting in the first chair. If the student is declared to have the wrong answer, the other team has to supply the correct answer. If the other team says the student is incorrect but can not provide a correct answer then they “dropped the ball” and the student advances to their base.

The “batter” must work alone. Batting is a solo activity. The field (other team) is collaborative.


To move bases the student has to be “pushed out” of the seat. If a student is on 1st base, the next student would have to do at least a triple to get that other student home. If a student is on 2nd base and the “batter” chooses a double then the student on 2nd base would only move to the 3rd base seat.

One Out

I found that if you had to wait for a team to miss questions 3 times that you infrequently switch teams. With one out, switch teams.

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