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4 Year Olds Log into Google Classroom

*Parent permission obtained to use video

Today I am inviting Christine Pinto to join me in my keynote.This is her first year teaching. She constantly amazes me with how she fearlessly tackles using Google Classroom and Google Apps with her TK (Transitional Kindergarten) kids. She never says her kids can’t. The above video shows a TK student logging into Google Classroom.

Kindergarten Log into Google Classroom

I first saw Christine Pinto 3 months ago on Twitter tweeting that she was going to have her TK kids use Google Classroom the next day. From that I have seen her share on Twitter what her kiddos are doing. Her students sometimes have access to iPads and other times go down to the computer lab to use Google Apps and Classroom. Here is her blog post on students logging in.

Christine has added some pictures to my keynote slides, she is going to share them live at the Palmdale edtech event. Here are a few to share:

Using Google Sheets

Students used pixel art on Sheets to create drawings.

tk boy minecraft spreadsheets Kindergarten Log into Google Classroom

Students explored counting with counting bears and then graphed them in Google Sheets.
Graphing on google sheets

Click Here for this spreadsheet template.

Using Google Slides

Students created “About me” books on the iPads. Students inserted images into Google Slides that represented things about them.

my name is

favorite number

look out kindergarten

tk kiddo on ipad

Using Google Drawing

The kids create drawings in Google Draw by opening a Google Drawing in Google Classroom. Students are able to create shapes, change colors, resize, drag and draw!

using google drawing


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