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Top 10 Google Docs Posts of 2015

Top 10 Google Docs Posts of 2015

Top 10

2015 is winding down, let the top 10 lists begin!! Here are my top 10 blog posts of 2015 for Google Docs.

10: 5 ADVANCED Google Docs Challenges

9: Google Docs: Change Your Default Font

8: 5 Google Docs Challenges

7: Voice Typing Comes to Google Docs

6: Google Docs: Insert Boxes Not Lines

5: 3 Tricks in Google Docs to Try

4: 5 Ways to Make Professional Looking Google Documents

3: 4 Tips for Having Students Take Notes in Google Docs

2: Google Docs: Prompt Students to Make a Copy

1: 5 Ways Students Can Use Google Docs in Math

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