If you are just getting started with Google Apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms or Drawings) here is a challenge for each app to try. I am using this presentation in a workshop I am giving to teachers who are new to Google Apps. New to Google Apps may mean they have never used it or they just are not power users. In an attempt to differentiate I am providing 5 challenges to allow each teacher to hopefully learn something new.

Link to the Slides

Make Your Own

This is a sample way that you can provide your students choices and instruction. Link to a Google Slides presentation in Google Classroom. In the Slides provide different choices for students. This allows differentiation of instruction.

Animated GIF’s

To create the animated GIF’s you use the full version of Snagit.  DRAG the animated GIF from the Snagit try onto the Google Slide. It is so incredibly easy and fun to do!

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