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New Feature! – Differentiate Assignments with Google Classroom

differentiate assignments in google classroom

Differentiate Assignments with Google Classroom A new feature makes it easier to assign different things to different students. This allows you to provide challenges for students who are ready to move forward or give students who are into Pokemon a math assignment that uses their game data. Default is All Students Notice when creating an assignment […]

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New Feature! Google Classroom – Late Work Notifications

Late Notifications in Google Classroom

Google Classroom – Late Work Notifications Google Classroom once again released some new features yesterday! Now when students submit an assignment late you will receive a notification on your phone if you have them enabled. You will also receive an email that says “Submitted late.” Late Work Sometimes students turn things in after the due date, […]

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Google Slides Transcript

Google Slides Transcript

Google Slides Transcript By happy accident the other day I figured out you can download a transcript of your Google Slides presentation to a text file. Use the File menu and choose “Download as” and choose “Plain Text.” Text Boxes and Speaker Notes What you get is a transcript of all the text boxes on […]

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Google Forms: Choose a Random Winner

Google Forms: Choose a Random Winner Choose a random winner from those who fill out your Google Form. Use this Add-on I coded in Google Apps Script to automatically select a winner, create a spreadsheet listing the winner and 19 runner ups and receive an email with the winner and links to the Form and spreadsheet. […]

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Student-Centered Classrooms with Google Classroom

2 tips to be student centered with Google Classroom

Enter by Jan 10 to win a copy of the book (see below) Student-Centered Classrooms with Google Classroom Google Classroom at it’s heart allows you to distribute work and collect it. Google Classroom does not make learning better, more engaging, more student-centered… none of that. YOU DO! How you use a tool is what makes the […]

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10 Top Alice Keeler Blog Posts of 2016

2016 top blog posts alice keeler

10 Top Alice Keeler Blog Posts of 2016 Thank you to my readers, 2016 was a great year to interact with my PLN. Many of the blog posts on alicekeeler.com are directly inspired by questions from and interactions with educators. Here are my top 2016 blog posts: 1. Google Slides – Rotate to Portrait Mode 2. Have […]

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5 Steps to Sharing a Copy of a Google Form

Link to Google Drawing 5 Steps to Sharing a Copy of a Google Form Sharing Google Forms is tricky. You do not want to make your data you collect in your Google Form visible to others. You can not get a view only link from the Form directly and changing your Google Form to allow […]

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Evenly Space Elements in Google Drawings (or Slides)

distribute evenly in google drawing and google slides

Distribute Evenly in Google Drawings (or Slides) When creating visuals in Google Drawing or Google Slides I sometimes need to space out the elements evenly. Control D One keyboard shortcut I find helpful is Control D (Command D on a Mac). This duplicates. When creating numbered circles I will create a circle with a 1 […]

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Insert a Bitmoji Into Your Google Form

bitmoji in google forms

When using digital tools try to put yourself into them to help students feel there is a teacher guiding them through the lesson. Bitmoji’s are great for adding “you” along with some personality into digital resources. Google Forms are awesome for flipped learning, formative assessment, checks for understanding, and so much more. Bitmoji AND Google […]

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Quickly Create 7 Copies of DiscussionTab

-Discussion Tab multiple classes

My DiscussionTab template allows you to facilitate class discussions using Google Sheets. Create a list of discussion questions in Column A (and tab names in Column B) and run the DiscussionTab menu to create a sheet for each question. Share the spreadsheet with the class with editing permissions. Template alicekeeler.com/discussiontab  Multiple Classes If you teach multiple […]

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Mock Twitter Chat with Your Students

mock twitterchat with discussiontab

Mock Twitter Chat with Your Students I love Twitter chats. They are exactly one hour Allow for everyone’s voice to be heard It is okay to have a side conversation about one part of the topic to go deeper while the rest of the conversation continues Guaranteed to get through 5-10 questions in an hour […]

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10 Google Apps Tricks to Learn for 2017

10 google apps tips for 2017

10 Google Apps Tricks to Learn for 2017 1. Force a Copy When I create templates I like to share the templates in a way that prompts the user to create a copy. Notice if you go to alicekeeler.com/poo that it does not take you directly to the document but rather asks you to copy it […]

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Google Drive: Share a Folder

share a folder in google drive

Share a Folder in Google Drive An important skill for G Suite users is to be able to share a folder in Google Drive. Any files in the folder take on the sharing permissions of folder. This is an easy way to share multiple documents. Simply create a Google Doc in the folder or drag […]

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Google Classroom in Paradise: Call for Presenters

Google Classroom in Paradise

Google Classroom in Paradise: Call for Presenters July 1st in Honolulu Hawaii Join Alice Keeler and Michael Fricano for a day of learning about Google Classroom and G Suite. If you would like to present at the event fill out the call for presenters. Google Classroom Hands down Google Classroom is the fastest way to […]

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Google Chrome Extensions: A Big Ol List

alice keeler big ol list of chrome extensions

Alice’s List of Chrome Extensions I went through my Chrome extensions and made a list of them. I opened all of the extensions in the Chrome Web Store in a single window and then used the OneTab Chrome extension to collapse them into a list. http://www.one-tab.com/page/A7QiMO9uT1m259T_Iy_ZRg      

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