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Google Classroom: Pin All Your Classes

pin google classroom classes

Google Classroom: Pin All Your Classes Pinning Google Chrome tabs makes it easy to get to websites you regularly frequent. If you are a Google Classroom user, definitely pin this tab. If you have multiple Google Classroom classes, pin each of the classes. Open Classroom Classes Rather than opening a class, going back to Classes, […]

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Google Classroom: Viewing Student Work in Google Drive [infographic]


Viewing Student Work in Google Drive One of my favorite ways to assess student work through Google Classroom is to use Google Drive. Google Classroom Stream To locate student work in Google Classroom simply click on the assignment title in the Stream. Assignment Folder Below the count of students who are “Done” or “Not done” […]

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Google Classroom: Guardians Who Need a Google Account

No gmail guardian summaries google account

Create a Google Account Without Gmail I saw a tweet saying some guardians were not able to accept the Google Classroom guardian summaries due to the guardian not having a Google Account. Google Accounts Guardians do NOT need to create a Gmail, they can use whatever email address they normally use. To create a non Gmail Google account, […]

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Google Classroom: Filter Gmail for Private Comments

filter private comment notifications

Filter Gmail for Private Comments I get a lot of email… like a LOT of email. Some of the most important emails are the private comments from my students. I do not want to miss an opportunity to respond to their comments. Creating a filter in Gmail can help ensure I respond to Student comments […]

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Google Classroom: Video Playlists in a Video Library

Google Classroom video playlists

Google Classroom Video Library I am so loving this new feature in Google Classroom to “Copy link” to an assignment. One use for the “Copy link” feature is to link to other Google Classroom classes. Let’s say you have a red Google Classroom class for your main announcements and you have a blue Google Classroom class […]

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Google Classroom: Guardian Emails – Only One Teacher Enters Email

One teacher adds guardians

Google Classroom One Teacher Submits Guardian Emails Not sure if this is good news or bad news depending on who the task falls upon. In Google Classroom guardians can be linked to student accounts. When one teacher enters in a guardian for a student that guardian is linked to the student. Any other Google Classroom […]

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Google Classroom Assignment: Click On Attachment Title to Edit

Click On Attachment Title to Edit

Attach and Then Edit Once again Google brings about a paradigm shift in how we do work. It used to be you would edit your files and then attach them into an assignment. Not the case with Google Classroom. Reuse Post Either reuse a post or create a new assignment. IMPORTANT: Do NOT make copies […]

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Google Classroom: Private Comment as Assignment

Google Classroom private comments

Private Comments in Google Classroom For assignments posted in Google Classroom, students are able to leave the teacher a private comment. This is one of my favorite features because it gives students an opportunity to ask a question privately. Students are more likely to ask questions through a digital platform than they are in person. […]

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Google Classroom: Link to An Assignment

google classroom copy link

Link to a Google Classroom Assignment A feature I have wished for many times is now part of Google Classroom. The ability to copy the link to an assignment easily from the 3 dots “More options” icon. Previously, I had to go to the assignment, click on the title, click on the instructions tab and […]

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Poof! Paper Handouts are Digital

paper to digital

No More Paper Handouts While at an event recently the speaker handed out a paper handout. After her presentation, some of the audience members were asking if the handout was available digitally. Using Google Keep I was able to digitize the handout and distribute it through Google Classroom in seconds. Google Keep I am a […]

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Crazy Easy: Collaborative Google Slides Template

collaborative google slides template

Collaborative Google Slides Template Using technology should be about how to improve how you interact with your students. Google makes it easy to transform your class to be more about collaboration. One of my favorite activities is collaborative Google Slides. That is all students in the class on the SAME document. This allows for use to […]

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Google Classroom: Find the Class Code (It Moved)

Google Classroom class code

Google Classroom Class Code Google Classroom had a few updates recently. One of the changes is the adding of topics to posts to the Stream. The topics are listed in the sidebar of the Stream where the class code used to be located. Student Tab The class code can now be located on the Students […]

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New Feature! Add Topics to Google Classroom

Google Classroom Add Topics

Add Topics to Google Classroom Google Classroom has some new updates for Fall 2016. You can now add topics to a Google Classroom post and filter the Stream by the topic. Updates to Assignments Google Classroom Topics When creating an assignment you have the option to add a topic. Next to the due date is […]

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Google Classroom: Use Someone Else’s Template

Use Other Teachers Templates

Attach Other Teacher’s Templates in Google Classroom This job is too hard to go it alone. As Harry Wong said… “Steal Steal Steal.” Many teachers create activities in Google Docs that you can just grab and go! If you want to customize the template you will need to create a copy of the Google Doc. […]

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Google Classroom: Teachers Mark Assignments Reviewed

find work in google classroom

Improve Google Classroom Workflow One way to improve your workflow in Google Classroom is to utilize the “Work” list. This allows you to see a list of all your assignments from all of your classes at once. Work Click on the menu icon, 3 lines in the upper left-hand corner. Choose “Work” from the menu. […]

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