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Student Google Classroom Start Guide

Get Students Started with Google Classroom I was helping a friend set up their Google Classroom and created a Google Doc to help the students navigate getting started with Google Classroom. Customize the Google Doc The Google Doc has a spot for you to put an introduction to the students along with your class title. Customize the greeting to welcome… Read More »Student Google Classroom Start Guide

Google Classroom Your Work Bubble

Google Classroom: Your Work Bubble

Students Have Work in “Your Work” Google Classroom allows students to submit their work digitally. To access their work they need to click on the assignment stripe on the Stream or on the Classwork page click on “View Assignment.” This takes them to the assignment screen with the full directions posted. Your Work Bubble In the upper right of the… Read More »Google Classroom: Your Work Bubble

Quick who did work in google classroom

Google Classroom: Who Did Work?

After Assigning Work, Who is Working On It? No matter what way you cut it, autopsy feedback is never as effective as feedback before a student thinks they are done. The BEST way to do this? Sit next to a kid. However this is not always feasible in the time constraints we are given. Google Apps is a game changer… Read More »Google Classroom: Who Did Work?

Adding Students to Google Classroom

New Google Classroom: Adding Students

Adding Students to Google Classroom The newly designed Google Classroom now has 3 tabs: Stream, Classwork, and People. Classroom has consolidated things in several places. You can now find all of the settings up in the settings cog at the top. The About tab is replaced by adding a topic of “About/Resources” to the Classwork page. Students and co-teachers are… Read More »New Google Classroom: Adding Students

20 steps to get started with Google Classroom (2)

20 Steps To Get Started with the New Google Classroom

20 Steps to Get Started with the New Google Classroom Create a new class. Click on the Classwork tab. Click on the Create button. Create a topic called “Today.” Click on the Create button and create a topic called “About/Resources.” Click on the Create button and create a topic called “Unit 1” Click on Create and create an assignment for… Read More »20 Steps To Get Started with the New Google Classroom

type tasks google classroom start

Google Classroom Start Here – Type

Google Classroom: Work on Consistency First Best way to get started using Google Classroom, type in it. Do not distribute links and documents. Do not collect work or have the students do anything. You can literally be up and running with Google Classroom in less than 3 minutes. Just Type After logging into Google Classroom click the plus icon in the bottom… Read More »Google Classroom Start Here – Type