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YES!! You can now BOLD, Underline, Italicize, and add a bulleted list into the description of Google Classroom Announcements and Assignments. Note that all new features always “roll out.” Meaning you might not see these new features for a few weeks. Assignments and Announcements When creating an announcement on the Stream or an assignment on the Classwork page the option… Read More »FINALLY! RICH TEXT in GOOGLE CLASSROOM!

Progress Report Maker by Alice Keeler

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The answer is always a spreadsheet! The question is how can I show my students’ missing scores and progress reports from Google Classroom?

Google Classroom App: 3 Dots

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The Google Classroom app for your phone is a must. When you open the app you see tiles of your Google Classroom classes.

Melody McAllister Asking Questions in Google Classroom

Asking Questions in Google Classroom by @mjmcalliwrites

Guest post by Melody McAllister Many times when we ask our students questions, we encounter a problem: the same students answer and the same students stay quiet.  Unfortunately, we often end up calling on those same students because of timing issues, under evaluation and we need to prove that mastery is happening, or we don’t even realize we just called… Read More »Asking Questions in Google Classroom by @mjmcalliwrites

Student Google Classroom Start Guide

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Get Students Started with Google Classroom I was helping a friend set up their Google Classroom and created a Google Doc to help the students navigate getting started with Google Classroom. Customize the Google Doc The Google Doc has a spot for you to put an introduction to the students along with your class title. Customize the greeting to welcome… Read More »Student Google Classroom Start Guide