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Have students send you an email

Teach Email Subject Line

Eliminate No Subject How often do I get an email from students, including my college students, that has no subject line at all? Or something that does not help me to prioritize the email? I am sure like me, this drives you nuts. Medium Choices We have lots of medium choices when we assign students work. Paper, digital quiz, digital… Read More »Teach Email Subject Line

Edit the email subject line gmail

Gmail: Change the Subject Line

Change the Subject Line in Your Email Conversations Gmail groups conversations. This is awesome and terrible. Having conversations of emails together is really handy until it gets out of control and you can’t find the conversation. What groups a conversation together in Gmail is having the same subject line. If two different people send you an email with the same… Read More »Gmail: Change the Subject Line

Filter Google Classrom emails

Filter Gmail for Google Classroom

Filter for emails from Google Classroom First, I highly recommend you do NOT turn off notifications from Google Classroom. Instead, manage the email notifications through filters. Consistent Text The trick to filters is to have consistent text that appears in each email that you can filter for. No matter the Google Classroom notification, all of them contain the text: If… Read More »Filter Gmail for Google Classroom

filter gmail (1)

You There…. Filter Your Gmail

Filter Gmail G Suite users, it’s essential you are master of filtering your Gmail! Your productivity (and may I add happiness) will increase exponentially! Search Gmail Gmail is by Google so obviously, Gmail has a search box. Search for a name, email address, subject line, or text from an email.  From your search, we will create a filter. Look for… Read More »You There…. Filter Your Gmail

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Gmail Shortcuts [Infographic]

Infographic of Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts Link to infographic Turn On Keyboard Shortcuts Unlike the other Google Apps you need to enable keyboard shortcuts in Gmail. Click on the settings cog and choose “Settings.” Scroll down in the settings a bit to find the option to turn on keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard Shortcuts Send The trick is to learn one at a… Read More »Gmail Shortcuts [Infographic]

Don Yerks Email Assignment

Teach Students Email Skills by @dyerksjr1

Don Yerks Shares his Email Lesson Plan Guest blog post by Don Yerks @ericcurts @tonyvincent @alicekeeler Oct. is #DigitalCitizenship Month. Been working on a Ss emailing project & wanted 2 share Ss Reminders pic.twitter.com/59EHCv7Wyf — Don Yerks, Jr. (@dyerksjr1) September 30, 2017 TY Tony I am using “Canned Responses” and a copy/paste subject. The pasted text in the subject line… Read More »Teach Students Email Skills by @dyerksjr1

feedback workflow

My Respond to Private Comments in Google Classroom Workflow

Workflow for Google Classroom Private Comments Private Comments in Google Classroom are in my opinion the one thing I can do that maximizes student learning and my time. I don’t want to waste my time leaving students comments they don’t read. If they are not going to read them, then I should spend ALL THAT TIME doing something else that… Read More »My Respond to Private Comments in Google Classroom Workflow