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Gmail: Default Reply Behavior

Avoid reply all! Go into the settings of Gmail and set the default to reply to sender instead of reply to all as the default.
Gmail: Default Reply Behavior
Default Reply Gmail

Set Your Settings to Reply

I am seriously about to lose it over Reply All. “Thanks” does not need to be replied to a large group. The sender should have used BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) to prevent Reply All from happening in the first place. However, when BCC is not utilized (USE BCC MY FRIENDS!) it is important to pay attention to if you’re replying to the sender or everyone in the email.

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Change Your Settings

In Gmail you can now set your preferred default for emails. Click on the settings cog and choose “Settings.” On the General settings tab scroll down a little and you will find a section for “Default reply behavior.”

Choose Reply

I set my default behavior to be Reply rather than Reply All. This helps prevent me from accidentally responding to the entire group when I mean to respond back to the person who sent the email.

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