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Microsoft Teams: New Conversation

Microsoft Teams: New Conversation

Use the New Conversation button in Teams

One of my favorite things about Microsoft Teams is the Posts tab on the General channel (or in any channel!) Teams creates conversations that allow for Teams to be more than a place to dump assignments. Use the “New conversation” button to start a new conversation.

Reply or New Conversation

The “New conversation” button is cleverly added to the bottom of the Posts. New conversation posts go to the bottom, so instead of dragging your mouse all the way to the top, only to reply at the bottom… Microsoft Teams has intuitively designed the button for where the action is.

The large purple button makes it very clear you are starting a new conversation rather than replying to the last comment left in Teams.

Reply Brings Conversation Back

Clicking on “Reply” in a conversation brings the conversation back to the bottom of the Posts. This is great so that your comments are not lost above.

Try an Announcement

Use the first icon when creating a conversation to format the text but to also switch from conversation to announcement.

An announcement creates a large banner on the posts to bring attention to what you’re saying.

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