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Mergo – Mail Merge for Gmail

Mergo Add on to send mail merge from Gmail out of Google Sheets
Mergo – Mail Merge for Gmail

For a limited time Mergo is offering LIFETIME FREE DISTRICT INSTALLS! Mail merge is something every single one of us needs. If you have never used mail merge, once you use it you will realize you needed it all this time! Take names and emails in a spreadsheet and send out a batch of personalized emails.

Unfortunately, this free offer has expired for schools. However, you can still install and use Mergo.

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How Mergo Works

  • Create an email template
  • In Google Sheets, create a contacts list
  • Use the Add-on in Google Sheets to merge with your email template

Email Merge Tags

This is the key to using a mail merge is knowing how to create merge tags.

{{merge tag}} is in double braces

If you are familiar with Autocrat the merge tags are <<merge tag>>. Mergo works in much the same way as Autocrat, but instead uses {{double curly braces}} for the merge tags.

Create an Email

Go to Gmail and start a new email. If you want to notify all of the parents about back to school night you will want to create an email with a fun back to school image to tell parents all about the event. Include {{name}} merge tags for where you want to personalize the email. Mergo will create a separate email for each parent on your list. {{name}} will be replaced with the parents name as it is listed in your spreadsheet. Do not send the email. It automatically saves as a draft.

Email Address Column

In a spreadsheet you will need a list of email addresses and other information you want to include in your merged Gmail. Be sure the column with email addresses is named “EMAIL ADDRESS.” This is how the add-on will know what email to send the personalized message to.

Column Headers Must Match Merge Tags

If you have a merge tag of {{name}}, make sure you have a column labeled name. Notice in my screenshot I have a column header of First Name. I will either need to rename my column header name or change my merge tag to {{First Name}}.

NOT in the Add-on Menu

After using the Add-on menu to install Mergo, you will find the Mergo icon in the rail on the right side of your Google Sheets spreadsheet.


Selecting the Mergo icon in the rail will open up a sidebar to allow you to choose “Mail Merge.”

Choose the Merge Template

The most recent draft email you have created will be defaulted as the merge template from Gmail. Click the tiny arrow in the sidebar to select a different draft email to merge with.

Click to Send Emails

It is that easy!! Design a template in Gmail. Include {{merge tags}} that match the column headers you have in a spreadsheet. From the spreadsheet, click the Mergo icon and send!

District Install Only

ONLY the districtwide Domain Install is available for free. This means that if you are a teacher you will need to ask the Google Workspace Apps Admin to install Mergo and fill out the Form on the website to get it for free.

The offer of a LIFETIME of FREE Mergo for your entire district expires September 30th, 2021. Be sure to visit the website for details.

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