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How to Set Up Canned Responses in Gmail

How to set up canned responses in Gmail. Create Gmail Automatic Responses easily, it is built right into Gmail.
How to Set Up Canned Responses in Gmail
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Do you find yourself repeating the same message over and over when using Gmail? The solution is to set up templates to insert responses you say a lot.

3 Dots

The more options menu is represented by 3 dots. CLICK ON IT! In the bottom right of the compose screen in Gmail you will find the 3 dots options menu. You probably have limited options. You want there to be templates as an option so you can send canned responses.

3 dots in the bottom right of the Gmail compose box

Gmail Settings

To enable canned responses templates go the Settings cog at the top right of Gmail. Then select “See all settings.”

settings cog in Gmail and select see all settings.

Advanced Tab

In the Gmail settings, click on the “Advanced” tab. Then “Enable” Templates.

Gmail Automatic Responses must be enabled. Click the enable icon for templates

Templates are canned responses.

Save Changes

Shockingly, you will need to scroll to the bottom to click a button that says “Save Changes.” I thought Google autosaved stuff…

Save changes button for enabling how to set up canned responses in gmail

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Back to the 3 Dots

Once you have enabled the templates for Gmail and clicked the save changes button, compose a new message. In the bottom right, click on the 3 dots menu.

3 dots menu now has Templates as an option with a menu of options for the templates. This allows Gmail automatic responses

Templates is now in your More Options menu.

Compose an Email

The subject line of the email will be the title of the canned responses. What is in the body of the email will become the canned response.

You can create a full email response or just a snippet.

New email in Gmail with a space and then a line of message with emoji's and you can find the class agenda and then the words this google slides is hyperlinked. Another space after the sentence.

Notice in this email that I am not composing an actual email. I am saving a template for me to use. Knowing that I will not fully respond with just this message, I have pushed ENTER to give me space before and after my message. I added some emoji’s and hyperlinked text. This will save me a lot of time trying to look up this resource that I share often with parents.

Delete Your Signature Line

This is a tip! How Templates will work is you will create an email and save it. If you have a signature line and save that email, then your new email will have TWO signatures. You only need to delete the signature line in a fresh email, not completely.

3 Dots to Save

Choose to save your draft email as a template. You can overwrite an old template or you can save as a new template.

3 dots in an email. Choose the option templates. Choose save draft as template. Choose save as new template.

Exit the Draft

You do not need to send the email. Simply close the message. The draft is saved. Done.

Inserting Your Canned Response

Start a new email or respond to an email. You can use a canned response that is your full response OR you can use canned responses with snippets. If you have a fresh email, the title of your template will become the subject line. If you already have a subject line it will not override it. Use the 3 dots menu to return to Templates.

Where your cursor is, that is where the canned response will be inserted.

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