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How my school district improved our ELA scores overnight

Guest Post by Barton Keeler Leaving the debate about the validity of standardized testing aside because, let’s face it–it makes things better for everyone if the test scores are higher–I want to share what our ELA department did to improve test scores literally overnight. Give the Students a meaningful Incentive I am convinced that the single biggest wildcard regarding standardized… Read More »How my school district improved our ELA scores overnight

Barton Keeler Quizizz Blog Post

Quizziz–My New Favorite Tool

Quizizz Gamified Quizzes Guest blog post by Barton Keeler “I still don’t know how to use a semicolon,”  “What’s the difference between a hyphen and a dash?”  “I have no idea what parallel structure is!” Every year it’s the same.  I have the students complete a survey in my English classes to find out what I didn’t teach or what… Read More »Quizziz–My New Favorite Tool