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Quizziz–My New Favorite Tool

Barton Keeler Quizizz Blog Post
Quizziz–My New Favorite Tool

Barton Keeler Quizizz Blog Post

Quizizz Gamified Quizzes

Guest blog post by Barton Keeler

“I still don’t know how to use a semicolon,”  “What’s the difference between a hyphen and a dash?”  “I have no idea what parallel structure is!”

Every year it’s the same.  I have the students complete a survey in my English classes to find out what I didn’t teach or what content didn’t stick and the results are predictable.  The number one gap in my students in my students’  knowledge of the standards has to do with fairly obscure punctuation usage.  Frankly, I’m ok with that.  I’d rather focus my time and attention on essay construction, evidence usage, and higher level thinking, reading and analytical skills.  But what if there was a fun, engaging way to help students fill in these gaps?  There is, it’s called Quizziz and it’s my new favorite online quiz/review tool!

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I Am Not Techie

I am not a techy person and I have almost zero patience for online tools that are less than awesome or have any kind of learning curve.  For me, an online tool needs to be easy, ready to go and compatible with what I already have going on.  Quizziz is all that and more.

First of all, it is super easy to create an account, select a quiz and have your students play.  It can be done on the fly. Furthermore, there are hundreds of high quality, teacher-made quizzes in their database that are organized by subject matter.  Need a quiz on the parallel structure?  It’s there.  How about a quiz on semicolons?  Bingo.  Everything is a quick search away.

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Google Classroom Integration

Also, it syncs to your Google Classroom account.  With a push of a button, Quizziz was able to imports my roster from Google Classroom.

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Be Successful

Redo’s lead to success

For me, the purpose of such online quizzes is to reinforce content and allow students to find success.  Therefore, I want the students to take and re-take the quiz until they achieve a high score.  Quizziz not only grades each quiz instantly but it provides the student with immediate feedback accompanied by a silly meme.  I can view each students’ progress in real time or later at my convenience.  The “reports” tab also shows me each student’s highest score and the number of times they took each quiz.

Furthermore, there are many customizable features regarding quizzing windows, feedback and (my personal favorite) randomized question order and answers.  I don’t care if my students help each other and have authentic conversations about what a metaphor is–in fact I just heard a student say “No, simile uses ‘like’ or ‘as’.”  However, I HATE it when students say “What did you get for number 15?”  “Oh, that’s D.”  Quizizz solves that problem. The questions are randomized and the answer choices are randomized.

Quizziz has two main modes “Play Live” and “Homework” (read–independent practice).  I can have the whole class compete with each other in real time on any quiz I select (PLAY LIVE) OR I can make a variety of quizzes available for each student to take and re-take at their own pace (Homework).
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