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Paperless Is Not a Pedagogy

Alice Keeler

Diffit AI is AMAZINGLY Easy to Use

Finally, an AI tool that gets it! Diffit isn't another complicated platform requiring hours of PD. It's intuitive to quickly create differentiated resources for active learning.
Diffit AI is AMAZINGLY Easy to Use

One thing that matters to me a lot is how intuitive a tool is for teachers to use. GOOD DESIGN DOES NOT REQUIRE PD*. Diffit is an AI-powered tool that’s rapidly gaining traction for its ability to quickly generate diverse and helpful educational resources. The interface of Diffit is incredibly simple to use, you do not even have to login! 

Simply describe what you are teaching and Diffit goes to work providing you with resources to help you create amazing lessons. 

Free for 1st Year Teachers

An amazingly generous offer by the folks at Diffit: First year teachers get their first year free. Fill out the form to apply.

Graphic Organizers Over Worksheets

Let’s be honest – the goal isn’t to churn out endless worksheets faster. Nowhere on the Diffit website will you find the word “worksheet.” Instead, the focus is on empowering students with meaningful activities. In the realm of student-centered learning, it’s about fostering critical thinking and deep understanding, which go beyond simple multiple-choice quizzes. Diffit’s “Student Activities” feature aligns with this vision, offering a treasure trove of graphic organizers that actively engage students in the learning process.

These graphic organizers are not just visually appealing; they are powerful tools designed to actively engage students in the learning process. By providing structures for organizing information, making connections, and analyzing concepts, they promote higher-order thinking skills and empower students to take ownership of their learning.

Paperless is Not a Pedagogy - Diffit Gets It

The student activities are available in a variety of digital formats and also in non digital formats. 

Choose Google Forms, PowerPoint, Docs, PDF, Slides, or Share to Classroom using one of the most intuitive platforms I have ever used. 

To put Diffit’s capabilities to the test, I uploaded a graduate-level research PDF. Within moments, it not only scaled the complex text down to a 7th-grade reading level but also generated a selection of engaging, grade-level appropriate activities. This demonstrated how effortlessly Diffit can adapt content to meet diverse learning needs.

Saves Time AND Helps Elevate Teaching

While some AI tools take the lazy route, opting for the low-hanging fruit of quick multiple-choice quiz generation, Diffit is a game-changer. It empowers educators to move beyond superficial assessments and create resources that encourage students to think critically, analyze information, and engage deeply with content. Even within activities that include multiple-choice questions, Diffit prioritizes understanding by prompting students to explain their reasoning, fostering a deeper level of engagement and learning.

I can not get over HOW EASY Diffit is to use. 

Diffit Elevates the Teacher

One of the things I love most about Diffit is its practicality. It doesn’t try to replace teachers, it empowers them. Diffit generates a wide range of lesson builders in a snap, but it leaves the real magic—the teaching expertise—in your capable hands.

Each lesson builder comes with an “edit” button, inviting you to customize it to your heart’s content. Swap out vocabulary, tweak questions, and ensure that the activities align perfectly with your lesson objectives and the specific needs of your students. This customization is key to creating truly effective and engaging learning experiences.

What’s more, Diffit’s flexibility doesn’t end there. With a single click, you can export your customized creations to various formats or effortlessly incorporate them into your existing lesson materials. This streamlined workflow keeps you in the driver’s seat, ensuring that the lessons you build are uniquely yours and tailored to your students.

Reading Levels and Translation

Differentiating materials for the variety of reading levels and languages in your class is not easy. Diffit allows you to create multiple versions of activities tailored to different grade levels, ensuring that every student is challenged and supported at their appropriate level. It can also translate text into multiple languages, making content accessible to a wider range of learners.

Diffit is Easy and Intuitive

Head over to the Diffit website, and you’ll immediately grasp how it works. A simple text box invites you to describe your lesson objective, select the grade level, and choose the language. Click “Generate,” and watch the magic unfold.

The results are presented in a clean, intuitive interface that’s refreshingly free of clutter. A set of clearly labeled buttons guides you through your options: Edit the generated content to your liking, then export it seamlessly to Google Forms, Docs, or other formats. It’s that easy.

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