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Auto Advance Google Slides: Unleash Spectacular, Effortless Presentation Magic

You need this! Clay Smith, Google Certified Innovator, has created a Chrome extension that will automatically go to the next slide after a set amount of time. Auto Advance Google Slides
countdown timer in Google Slides with slides timer
Auto Advance Google Slides: Unleash Spectacular, Effortless Presentation Magic

As a teacher you’ve probably made statements along the lines of: “Take 5 minutes to try this yourself before we move on.” How many times do you need to set a timer during class before moving onto the next thing? What if the timer was just built into your Google Slides? Auto advance Google Slides to keep your lesson on pace. Google Certified Innovator, Clay Smith, has a Chrome Extension that does this like magic!! This is FREE! (If you like it, please consider buying Clay a cup of coffee)

Gif of Google Slides adding a textbox with a countdown timer to auto advance google slides

Slides Timer Chrome Extension

The way it works is through a Chrome Extension. It collects NO user data and is safe! I personally know Clay. This extension is safe for all educators to install. You can find the extension under the Chrome extension shelf puzzle piece. It is not necessary to pin the extension as it will work even if it is hidden. However, if you right click on the extension icon it will show you some tips for how to use it.

Screenshot of puzzle piece for Chrome extensions to allow you to auto advance Google Slides with Slides Timer

Auto Advance Any Google Slides

To auto advance Google Slides, you only need the Chrome extension installed. This will automatically be available in any of your Google Slides. 


Add a Textbox

The genius of Slides Timer is it works with a textbox! In any textbox on the slide enter the number of minutes and seconds.

The pattern is double less than and double greater than around an amount of time. 

<<5:00>> in a textbox will countdown 5 minutes. 

<<3:16>> will countdown 3 minutes and 16 seconds.

Auto Advance

The default <<4:00>> will simply countdown 4 minutes. If you want it to go to the next slide after 4 minutes you need to add a minus and plus.

Plus Minus

Auto Advance Google Slides by adding the minus after the time to indicate countdown and a plus to indicate go to the next slide.


counts down 4 minutes and advances to the next slide.

Revolutionizing Classroom Dynamics: Auto Advance Google Slides with Slides Timer

In the quest for more efficient and streamlined classroom management, the Auto Advance feature in Google Slides, enhanced by the Slides Timer, emerges as a simple yet effective tool for educators. By inserting a command like “<<3:00-+>>” into a textbox on your slides, you can automate slide transitions, helping to keep lessons timely and focused.

Effective Time Management:

Auto Advance, represented by


is an invaluable asset for time management in the classroom. It ensures that each segment of the lesson adheres to its allotted time, preventing any one part from overshadowing others and keeping the lesson on track.

Balancing Time and Teaching:

Using commands like “<<3:00-+>>” in Google Slides textboxes helps teachers manage their time during presentations. By automating slide transitions, educators can allocate precise time slots to each part of their lesson, ensuring that no single topic overshadows others.

A Supportive Tool for Interactive Learning:

While Auto Advance itself isn’t a direct means of student engagement, it supports interactive learning by freeing up time for teachers to focus on student-centered activities. This might include facilitating group discussions, conducting hands-on experiments, or engaging in Q&A sessions.

Seamless Flow in Lessons:

The inclusion of the ‘+’ sign in the timer, indicating automatic transition to the next slide, allows for a smoother flow of information. This reduces distractions from manual slide changes and helps maintain a consistent pace in the lesson.

Flexible and Adaptable:

The versatility of the Auto Advance feature with Slides Timer makes it adaptable to different lesson formats. Teachers can customize the timing for various activities, ensuring that the tool aligns with their unique teaching style and the specific needs of their students.

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